North Macedonia’s Alkaloid Opens 3.8 Million Euro Facility

Pharmaceutical company Alkaloid said it has opened a 3.8 million euro facility.

The new 4,100 square metres building offers a centralised solution for employee preparation and navigation within the Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing plants, featuring over 900 wardrobe spaces intended for employees, the company said in a statement.

“The complexity of this investment phase stems from the need for functional integration with all production units on the premises – manufacturing and packaging of solid, semi-solid, and liquid pharmaceutical forms – where different approaches are practiced in the processes, providing even better working conditions for the employees and their safety,” the statement added.

Apart from service rooms, this building will incorporate exhibition displays showcasing the company’s 88-year history.

Between 2017 and 2023, the company has put into operation pharmaceutical facilities spanning 10,720 square metres and invested 18.6 million euro.

(Image: Pixabay)