Nagarro 2023 9-mo Revenue Up 10.4% to 690 Million Euro

Digital product engineering company Nagarro said its revenue increased 10.4% to 690 million euro in the first nine months of the year.

Gross profit decreased to 175.0  million euro in the first three quarters of the year from 180.3  million in the same period a year ago, Nagarro said in its financial statement.

Net profit declined to 39.1  million euro in the reported period against 62.1  million euro, the financial statement showed.

“Given the external circumstances, we are satisfied with the overall financial result. Meanwhile, we continue to improve our offerings, our differentiation, and our ways of working,” Manas Human, co-founder of Nagarro and Custodian of Entrepreneurship, said.

“We believe our industry will continue to evolve, and we want to be prepared to lead the next phase of evolution. We are particularly excited by our vision of the AI-enabled Fluidic Enterprise, which we are gearing up to deliver to our clients,” he added.

Nagarro operates in Romania since 2005 when the company opened the first Romanian office in Timisoara. In 2020 Nagarro merged with iQuest.

Besides Timisoara, it is present on Romanian market with development centers in Bucharest, Brasov, Craiova, Cluj-Napoca, and Sibiu, and it currently employs over 800 in the country.

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(image: Pixabay)