North Macedonia’s Top 100 Employers’ Number of Employees Up 3.1% in 2022

According to the latest research by the portal Pari, the 100 largest employers in North Macedonia employed a total of 81,426 employees, compared to 78,920 in 2021, the country’s economic chamber reported.

“Of course, individually, there were companies in which the number of employees increased, and there were also those in which it decreased, but the final effect was – more workers,” the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia reported.

“Out of the 100 largest employers, 35 are companies with foreign capital, more precisely, they are members of the Council of Foreign Investors, which employ a total of 40,743 employees or 51.7%,” it added.

The members of the Council of Foreign Investors increased the number of employees by about 11% on average compared to the previous year 2021.

(Image: Pixabay)