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Jun 06
Bratot Apparel: Where urban art meets innovation

Bratot Apparel is a fresh face in urban wear, bringing bold hat street styles from Skopje, North Macedonia to the world. We’re a young and passionate team. It’s a classic tale of two friends – a story you might hear echoing through the streets – sharing their creativity and vision with the world, on a […]

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Apr 12
The Charm of Southeast Europe: The Best Spring Destinations

As spring breathes new life into nature, Southeast Europe emerges as a haven for travelers seeking picturesque landscapes, cultural immersion, and delightful experiences. From vibrant cities to serene coastlines, this region offers an array of destinations perfect for springtime exploration. Let’s embark on a journey through some of the best spring destinations in Southeast Europe. […]

Mar 13
Southeast European Culture for Expats: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to Southeast Europe – a region rich in culture, history, and vibrant traditions waiting to be explored by expats. Understanding Southeast European culture is vital for a fulfilling expat experience. Let’s delve into the vibrant tapestry of Southeast European culture and what it offers to expats. Experiencing Warm Hospitality Southeast European culture is renowned […]

Mar 12
Career and Wine Adventures in Southeast Europe with SeeWander

Discovering the Perfect Blend of Professional Growth and Leisure Embarking on career and wine adventures in Southeast Europe offers unmatched opportunities for professional growth alongside leisurely wine explorations. The SeeWander platform introduces you to a world where job opportunities and wine experiences in regions like North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, and Greece blend seamlessly. Tikves, […]

Mar 02
Jamming Across Southeast Europe: Awesome Music Festivals You Should Not Miss

Southeast Europe is a region pulsating with rich culture, diverse landscapes, and a vibrant music scene. When it comes to music festivals, this corner of Europe has become a hotbed for enthusiasts seeking unforgettable experiences. From eclectic lineups to breathtaking venues, here’s a glimpse into some of the best music festivals in Southeast Europe that […]

Jan 25
Unlocking Romania: Guide to the Cost of Living and Lifestyle

Have you ever considered making a move to Romania?   Nestled in the heart of Eastern Europe, this country is gaining attention for its picturesque landscapes, rich history, and, most notably, its affordable cost of living. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or planning to relocate with your family, Romania might just be the hidden gem […]

Dec 13
Croatian National Tourist Board Launches Early Booking Campaign for 2024

Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) launched a promotional campaign to encourage early bookings for the season of 2024. Among the markets covered by the campaign are those from which Croatian tourism generates the most tourist traffic and those that respond best to early bookings, namely Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Belgium. CNTB will […]

Dec 11
Romania, Croatia Rank in Top 5 in VisaGuide.World’s Digital Nomad Index

Romania ranked third while Croatia ranked fifth best country for digital nomads according to VisaGuide.World’s Digital Nomad Index. Best Countries for Digital Nomads Spain is the top country for digital nomads among 38 countries, according to the VisaGuide Digital Nomad Index, with a score of 4.50, followed by Argentina in the 2nd place with a […]

Dec 07
SEE Green Destinations’ Nominees for Story Awards

Global organisation Green Destinations, supporting sustainable destinations, their businesses, and their communities, has announced its nominees for the 2024 Green Destinations Story Awards. Here are the destinations in Southeast Europe (SEE) that are nominated for the award: Miren Kras – Slovenia/ Category: Environment & Climate “The extreme summer of 2022 marked the destination Miren Kras […]

Nov 24
Romania’s Best Christmas Markets

As the festive season approaches, the Christmas markets of Romania with their magical charm and vibrant atmosphere are ready to open doors. Romania has a rich Christmas culture that comes alive during the holiday season. Here, we present our selection of the best Christmas markets in the country. 1. Bucharest Christmas Market Bucharest Christmas Market, […]