Romania’s Best Christmas Markets

As the festive season approaches, the Christmas markets of Romania with their magical charm and vibrant atmosphere are ready to open doors. Romania has a rich Christmas culture that comes alive during the holiday season. Here, we present our selection of the best Christmas markets in the country.

1. Bucharest Christmas Market

Bucharest Christmas Market, part of the international network is opening doors on November 30 and has free entrance. The 30-metre-tall Christmas tree, beautifully decorated, the lightning ornaments, the fine-designed chalets, the traditional and international dishes, the fascinating activities prepared for all visitors, the Christmas carol concerts, they all shall contribute to the magical vibes of the season, right in the heart of the city. Over 130 Christmas chalets will host craftsmen from all regions of the country, authentic creators and local producers, who will present their works and traditions developed throughout generations.

2. Sibiu Christmas Market

The Sibiu Christmas Fair has become an event not to be missed every year, and the 2023 edition promises to be an impressive one full of surprises.

The 2023 edition that started on November 17 and will take place over several weeks will bring with it a number of new features and special moments that promise to make the fair an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

Once again this year, the main attractions include spectacular projections that will transform every building in the Grand Square into a moving work of art, transforming the city centre into a real fairytale place. Each evening will be marked by these breathtaking projections that will bring the magic of the winter holidays to life in a unique way.

3. Cluj-Napoca Christmas Market

In the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s second largest city in Romania In the heart of Transylvania, this year Christmas market is opening doors on November 24.
Because the winter holidays are about magic, but also about family, this year the Cluj-Napoca Christmas Market is going on an adventure to Planet Christmas, a place in the Universe where Christmas comes every day and where fantastic characters live.

Lots of surprises, the magic wheel and the merry-go-round will be waiting for you throughout the event.

4. Timisoara Christmas Market

The beautiful city of Timisoara’s will host 2023 Christmas market starting December 1 until January 2, 2024.

If you like working with ceramics, take a look at Victory Square. If you’re thinking of making Santa cookies, gingerbread, colored candles or even balloons, you might want to stop by Liberty Square.

5. Brasov Christmas Market

Surrounded by the Southern Carpathians, the beautiful city of Brasov will open doors for its Christmas market this year on November 30 until January 7.

The 23.5 metres tall Christmas tree already arrived in the Council Square in the city centre. Stay tuned for more updates.

6. Craiova Christmas Market

Craiova at Christmas is Romania’s hidden gem, sparkling with four themed public squares: Mihai Viteazul, Frații Buzești, Doljeana, and Shakespeare. Ornately painted Christmas cottages and a diverse array of food stalls and handicrafts turn this town into a wonderland.
The 2023 edition opened doors on November 17.

7. Oradea Christmas market

Oradea Christmas market will open its doors on November 30 until December 26.

Houses with goodies, childhood sweets, decorations and the most beautiful Christmas gifts – they will sit nicely around the tree in Union Square, under thousands of enchanted lights.

(Image: Pixabay)